Wireless Bluetooth

Wireless Bluetooth Indicator has smart wireless connection. It is connectable to most Bluetooth enabled devices like smart phones, tablets, notebooks or desktop computers. Press the Data button to output measure data to most writeable apps or programs.

Wireless Bluetooth Indicator


  • Absolute encoding
  • Origin setting
  • Preset Value
  • IP54
  • Inch/mm
  • High Contrast LCD Display
  • Face Rotation up to 330°
  • Carbide tip
  • Battery: 3V, CR2032

DIGI-MET® Electronic

DIGI-MET® Electronic Indicator is a sophisticated non-contact linear measuring system that can be connected to any computer or printer with no interface necessary. Featuring .00005" (0,001mm) Resolution with ±.00012" Accuracy; Repeatability: 0,003mm/.00012".

Wireless Bluetooth Indicator


  • AGD Group 2, 8mm stem with 3/8" bushing adaptor.
  • Rugged polyamid housing
  • Stainless shank and spindle
  • Tracking speed: 60"/speed
  • Display rotates 270°
  • Top lifting knob
  • Measuring force: 0.6-1.1N
  • Low drain lithium battery: 4500 continuous on time for 2-3 years with on/off switch

Available Models

Bluetooth Indicators

#15835 - 1/2" Indicator .00005" / 0,01mm Reading, .00016" Accuracy. Purchase
(Includes 1/2" Extension)

DIGI-MET Electronic Indicator

#18318 - DIGI-MET Electronic Indicator with 0-1" (0-25mm range). Purchase

Wireless Bluetooth Indicator on Trigabore Gun
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